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I’m grossed out, and tired…

My friends rock…


I finally got to hang out with this crazy woman today. And she’s gonna make me get in shape. She’s gonna be fired.


I am 26 years old now and have have had arthritis for a long time now. And it has rained every day for the last week it seems. At night I can’t sleep and I can barely walk. This getting old stuff sucks.


I think I might move back to blogger. Because WordPress makes me nuts when I upload pictures, and with moving, and working, and a wedding coming up, I don’t have time to mess with it anymore. So, I’ll let you know if and when I go back! (At least there’s warning this time!)


Now that that’s over…


I just saw a commercial for some gold scrap for cash thing. Among the list of things that they will pay you for, is DENTAL SCRAP. Do people really have gold teeth and fillings laying around? Honestly? And they will mail this to some company and then they send you a check. Um. I’m really really really grossed out. I think I almost threw up.

So, just so I know, any of you have gold DENTAL SCRAP in your house? And if so, I’m not coming to dinner!


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Because I’m spoiled…

My birthday is soon. I called my dad to tell him what I want. You ready?


Corn. Shipped in from Indiana. He’s going to go out sometime in the next couple of days to take care of it for me.


There is NOTHING better than Indiana sweet corn. Food of the gods I tell you. (Or a state full of hicks, but whatever!)

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My Girlfriend, who Lives in Canada

Today, I finally decided I needed music on The Hub’s I-Pod. I decided to start on Broadway. I found the greatest album EVER!

The soundtrack to Avenue Q. You must download it, or find it somewhere.

Otherwise you will miss on some great giggles. With songs like “The Internet is for Porn” and “I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today” and my complete and total favorite “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”  It is NOT CHILD FRIENDLY. REPEAT: NOT CHILD FRIENDLY!!!!!

(I may have a sick, unhealthy obsession with John Tartaglia. But then again, I might not!)

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Daily Convo ~ Grandmas Rock!

Me: The guys want me to make a rhubarb pie. Do you have any advice? I’ve never made one before.

Gram: Good luck with that. I don’t like rhubarb.

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Non-Morbid Side of Death?

I’m going to make a confession to you all. I am addicted to stupid TV. You know, like everything that airs on E!. At this moment, instead of cleaning my house, or spending time with my children or husband (who are doing their own things mind you) I am watching Wildest Wedding Show Moments 2. Because I can’t NOT watch it. It’s a sick sick problem.


If you haven’t seen it, and you need a laugh, I’m sure it will be on again soon. You will be beyond happy that your family isn’t as messed up as the people on these shows. And if they are (like mine) Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

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If I wasn’t me…

I found gluten free bread, that I was planning on reviewing on my Gluten Free Food page. It was only going to get one whine, because it tastes great. Other than being a pain in the arse because you must store it in the freezer, it is good bread. However, an unassuming sandwich officially gives this bread 10 whines. On a scale that stops at 5. But these ten whines involve tears. Really big tears.


I cut the roof of my mouth on a “harmless” cheese sandwich. And there was blood.



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Grandma, watch your mail!

Big Z just brought me her empty lunch plate, and asked for cookies. I went to get her cookies and saw that *z* had a lot of crackers on her plate. Twice as many as I had given her. I asked *Z* if she had put her crackers on Little Z’s plate. Her response?


“No. I didn’t. A goblin did it.”

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