Happy Anniversary!

If you ignore the amount of time The Hubs’ family spent hating me (6-8 months depending on the person we’re talking about) I pretty much hit the jackpot in the In-law department. The awesome thing is, Hubs and his family are a lot like mine in the fact that cousins are considered close family. So when I got married, I got more cousins. (I already had 7 I was trying to keep in line!)


For two and a half years, we kept waiting for a phone call from Lindsay telling us that Brian had FINALLY proposed. I had the phone conversation all mapped out. No congratulations. Just an “It’s about damn time!” speech. Because I’m a “fake” relative, I can get away with stuff like that. We went to Indiana for Little Z’s first Christmas. I expected Lindsay to have a ring on her finger before I left the state. But, because Brian sucks, it didn’t happen. It happened the next year, I THINK around Christmas. I have no idea. I had just had a baby (excuse good until child is out of diapers!) and had a bunch of stuff going on.


What I do know, is that last year, their wedding (FINALLY) took place right before The Hubs left for the sandbox. So we got to go. I didn’t wear a dress. (I didn’t wear a bra either, but that’s a story for another time.) I did dress up, and so did the girls. I have some pictures somewhere I should dig up.


So today. August 11, 2008, I want to tell the Internet that I am glad that I get to be related to Lindsay (and Brian, he’s the normal one in the family) and that they are celebrating their first year of marriage. Now that it’s gone, I expect some baby news soon. If I’m not having anymore, we need one a year, for at least a couple more years. Not that I’m demanding, but you know, the world does revolve around ME!


I love you guys! Happy Anniversary!


(Their wedding was GORGEOUS! And I have proof!)





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