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Daily Convo ~ Grandmas Rock!

Me: The guys want me to make a rhubarb pie. Do you have any advice? I’ve never made one before.

Gram: Good luck with that. I don’t like rhubarb.


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It’s okay!

Little Z just walked around our house and “magic-ed” everyone. By “magic-ed” I mean, smacked them with the fluffy ended Tinkerbell wand and screamed at the top of her lungs said “Boppity Boo!”


She was told to stop, and her answer was “It okay. Boppity Boo!”


So I guess, it’s okay to beat the crap out of people with sticks, so long as you say the magic words.

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Uh, What?

The Big Z has a birthday in two and a half months. September. The end of September. There is already talk of her birthday party, because I am one of those parents that like to plan, then change my mind, plan again, and then resort to my original idea. I need at least six months to plan one simple birthday  party.


Recently, while discussing her birthday, *Z* has decided she wants a fashion show party. I’ve been asking everyone what in the world that would be, because I’m clueless. Erica and I took our eldest children to the park tonight, because neither one of us were in any shape to entertain our children where physical activity was called for. I was telling her about the fashion show, and she asked Big Z what that was and if she had ever seen one.


The conversation went like this:

Erica: Hey *Z*, what’s a fashion show party?

*Z*: I don’t know.

Erica: Have you seen something on TV with a fashion show?

Me: Did you watch Project Runway?

*Z*: I chased the rabbit.



So. If you some how speak 3 year old gobblety gook, and understand how in the world “I chased a rabbit” is the answer to “did you watch Project Runway” please tell me. Otherwise, can we figure out what a fashion show party is? I’m about four months behind in my party planning!

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Paging Mr. Lilly, Mr Eli Lilly

Ya know? I toured the Eli Lilly plant/place many many times during my childhood. And not once did I hear of such a thing. (Well, at least, before Ritalin and Adderall were popular.)


On to today’s daily convo.

The set up: We are driving out to the base were the Hubs works. As my ID expired yesterday, and I had to get a new one early this morning. Little Z starts screaming and having a huge break down over a “carey pider” (scary spider) that is supposedly on her window.


Me: *z* you need to calm down. You are going to make yourself sick.

*z*: sick (sob sob) need medicine (sob sob)

*Z*: You need to take a chill pill. A really big chill pill.



It was all I could do to stay on the road and dodge the tumble weeds while laughing. I’m sure I was almost purple by the time we pulled up to the gate and I handed the guard my pretty new ID.

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It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart

So, if we lived near family, and were a normal bunch, this would be cute. However, we aren’t, and family is 1700 miles away, so this actually made ME cry too.

Big Z is laying in her bed, and she called me into her room.

I walk in and find her crying. What she says makes me want to crawl into a hole.

“Mommy. Grandma is my family. I miss her. I HAVE to call her tomorrow.”

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Well, Sorta

The girls are living room golfing, because I am too lazy to take them outside. And it’s hot. So…

Anyway…the following conversation just occured with me and Big Z.


Me: I think we should go play putt putt.


*Z*; Why?


Me: Because it’s fun and Mommy is good at it.


*Z*: Um, that’s a lie.


She is so wise for her age!

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She’s Learning!

*Z* has been singing the following all day!

Riff raff,

Street Rat,

I don’t buy that.

If only they’d look closer,

Would they see a poor boy, No siree.

They’d find out, there’s so much more toooooo…


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