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News At 10 ~ Haircut Bandits Strike Again



This is what happened when I went to the bathroom. My children and scissors. This is what their current mugshots look like. And I really want to strangle them.





It could have been worse. I am still not happy. Big Z has never had a hair cut (obviously). She’s in a wedding in a month. She’s going to have a real haircut soon. And Little Z. She still has the baby mullet. And now, we’re going to have to cut her hair in a way to hide the damage that they did.


And just because I don’t want to leave you with the ugly. Here’s some cute ballerinas.



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Wordless Wednesday~Potty Training can be a Real Headache



(She fell off the toilet. And was sober.)


For more WW go here or here!

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It’s a Picinic!

Yesterday was a “sad” day for us. It was our last family day at the base where The Hubs has been stationed for the last three years. It seems like we’ve been here a lot longer than that, because we moved here when Big Z was a whole two weeks old. (We left Mississippi when she was 5 days old.) I will say that it was one of the more fun family days, because the girls are finally old enough to play, “alone”!

(Yes, I know this picture kinda sucks, but I was using Hubs’ point and shoot cheapo camera, and couldn’t really see what I was doing.) Little Z was happy to be going out to Middle of No Where Air Force Base. It sounded fun to her or something.



Every year they have tons of blow up bouncy stuff for the kids. We recently went to an indoor bounce place, so *Z* was all about the slide. Not even scared to climb to the top.


Bouncy castles are fun! The girls didn’t want to get out, even though we were going to be moving on to yet ANOTHER bouncy thing.


Aren’t these little brats cute? I’m convinced they don’t like each other very much, because it was like pulling teeth to get them to even stand NEAR each other. The hookers.


There was food too. Some semi-acceptable grilled corn and hot dogs.


Now, I’m off to go swimming. Because it’s hot, and I got off work early. I’m going to enjoy my Saturday. You go do the same!

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It’s okay!

Little Z just walked around our house and “magic-ed” everyone. By “magic-ed” I mean, smacked them with the fluffy ended Tinkerbell wand and screamed at the top of her lungs said “Boppity Boo!”


She was told to stop, and her answer was “It okay. Boppity Boo!”


So I guess, it’s okay to beat the crap out of people with sticks, so long as you say the magic words.

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But She’s the BABY!!!

Ya know? Some days, I really really love that my children are growing up a bit, and aren’t 100% dependant on me. Of course, they are still 95% dependant on me, and I love that, but there are some baby things I don’t want Little Z to let go of. Her baby talk is one of them. She pronounces more and more things “right” every day.


I just can’t stand when she has her “words” and then all of the sudden, she says the right word. Today, her new real word is “ketchup”. This is really sad, cause the *z*-ism is so much cuter.




Am I the only one who thinks it sucks when the last baby starts growing up? Cause really? This might define major suckage.


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Paging Mr. Lilly, Mr Eli Lilly

Ya know? I toured the Eli Lilly plant/place many many times during my childhood. And not once did I hear of such a thing. (Well, at least, before Ritalin and Adderall were popular.)


On to today’s daily convo.

The set up: We are driving out to the base were the Hubs works. As my ID expired yesterday, and I had to get a new one early this morning. Little Z starts screaming and having a huge break down over a “carey pider” (scary spider) that is supposedly on her window.


Me: *z* you need to calm down. You are going to make yourself sick.

*z*: sick (sob sob) need medicine (sob sob)

*Z*: You need to take a chill pill. A really big chill pill.



It was all I could do to stay on the road and dodge the tumble weeds while laughing. I’m sure I was almost purple by the time we pulled up to the gate and I handed the guard my pretty new ID.

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The tears? They aren’t the baby’s!

Little Z is a thumb sucker. It’s her comfort thing. I tried to avoid it, we tried to stop it, but her stubborn little behind, she was NOT going to use a binky. I know that it is much easier to stop children from using a pacifier. Snip the end off, or have the binky fairy come. Simple, easy, painless. (For the most part. Big Z gave hers up on her own. She was too busy to be bothered with one.)


I keep putting off taking *z* to the dentist, because I know that he is going to tell me that she needs to stop, that she is doing damage to her teeth. While I was doing her hair today, and cleaning her ears, she was brushing her teeth, and i really noticed that her front teeth are not”straight”. They are just slightly moved, so I could tell that she needs to give up the thumb. Now, we have been sorta, half heartedly been trying to convince her she is a big girl, and she doesn’t need it. Tonight was the first night, in, over two years, that my baby fell asleep without her thumb in her mouth. And I’m sad.


Little Z is our last baby. (At this point. We’re fairly sure we’re done, but we’re still young, so…) My baby is giving up the last of her “baby” things. She’s potty training, she has a hair style, and not just the pouf of hair that she’s had for forever, and now, no more thumb sucking. I have tears just telling you about it. The plus side of the whole thing? I’m going to cuddle her to sleep for the next few nights, so at least I still have that.


I have researched devices and tips to help with our problem. I decided that while handy and great, and very smart, the Thumb Guard is just too expensive for us. So we opted for…



And no. I could not find a matching pair. (The brat usually only sucks her LEFT thumb, but as soon as I covered that one, she tried to use the right. Hence, two mittens.)

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