But She’s the BABY!!!

Ya know? Some days, I really really love that my children are growing up a bit, and aren’t 100% dependant on me. Of course, they are still 95% dependant on me, and I love that, but there are some baby things I don’t want Little Z to let go of. Her baby talk is one of them. She pronounces more and more things “right” every day.


I just can’t stand when she has her “words” and then all of the sudden, she says the right word. Today, her new real word is “ketchup”. This is really sad, cause the *z*-ism is so much cuter.




Am I the only one who thinks it sucks when the last baby starts growing up? Cause really? This might define major suckage.



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  1. 1

    Holly said,

    Well my sister told me today that the reason I might not be able to be away from the Princess for days on end (we were talking about me visiting her in Oct and I had said I had to bring The Princess cause I couldn’t be a week away from her) was cause she is my last baby. So even though she is 4 now and doing her own thing it still saddens me to have her not need me. Even though I still miss the boys if I’m gone I “know” they are fine. In fact The Princess is fine. As Cindy said though she is my baby and I know I am not having anymore.

  2. 2

    Brat said,

    Say “NO” to crack!

    Well, maybe not THAT crack……

  3. 3

    Faerylandmom said,

    You are not the only one…I hate it when my kids start pronouncing everything right. It really gets on my nerves when Levi corrects them!!! I tell him all the time to “leave my baby ALONE!”

  4. 4

    Megan said,

    You can definitely borrow mine =D

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