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The Quirks

  1. I am obsessed with matching. Clothing, bed linens, table linens, and just about everything else. Even my underwear must match and coordinate with my clothes. And before I can sleep, my pajamas must match, and my sheets cannot be miss-mashed. I need order people!
  2. My house is either really really clean, or really really messy. There isn’t an in between. I don’t know why.
  3. I can’t stand having voice mails on my phone. As soon as I get the warning tone, I have to check it, and then I have to delete it because I can’t stand for the icon to be on the screen.
  4. It drives me crazy to see people hunt and peck when typing. I learned how to type in the seventh grade. I’m pretty sure everyone else can learn too. (This applies to even my dad, who has been typing for all of, approximately, a year.)
  5. I try to answer emails as soon as I read them, so that I don’t forget. If I don’t have time to respond to personal, not spam emails, I won’t check, because it bothers me knowing someone MIGHT be waiting on a response from me.
  6. I have to put my seat belt on in the car before I start it. This goes back to high school, when wearing a seat belt was optional, and a close friend of mine didn’t wear hers, and is now spending the rest of her life in a wheel chair. Every time I see people not wearing one, I flash back to her in the hospital and I want to cry. So I don’t even give myself the opportunity to be in those shoes.

So. There are six quirky things about me. The list can go on, but I’m following the rules today. Except, I’m being rebellious, and putting the rules last.

List the rules, and six unspectacular quirks about yourself.

Tag six people, and link to them.


Holly tagged me for this one, so I’ll exclude her from the list. Tiffany, Erica, Stacy, Sonya, Melody, and Becky? Y’all are up!


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Unimportant, with a purpose, or something

Stacy thinks I have nothing better to do than sit at my computer and tell you all six unimportant things about myself. Mostly? She’s right. What else am I going to do while I sit here happily in a Vicodin fog? The rules for this MeMe are simple. List six unimportant things about yourself, and then tag six people at the end.


The hard thing is, I tend to think along the lines of nothing is really “unimportant” about anyone. Every little thing about you makes you who you are. So, my list isn’t really “unimportant” things, but more like, six random things.


  • I am the only blonde in my entire family. In family photos, I look like the milk man’s child.
  • I never wanted kids, because the thought of being pregnant freaked me out.
  • My underwear and bra always match. (When I wear a bra that is.)
  • I didn’t see the ocean until I was 19 years old.
  • After a 30 hour famine one year, all I wanted to eat were sweet potatoes.
  • I have had as many vacuums as years I’ve been married.


I’m going to tag Erica, Tiffany, and Becky for this one. Just for poops and giggles!

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A MeMe!

Okay. Aunt Becky is broken, and to help cure her boredom, she did the “life story in six words” meme. I had to take all of two seconds to come up with mine, so here it is for you all!

See…What had happened was this…

So Erica, Tiffany, Holly, and Stacy, I tag you ladies. And I think Carey should do it too. Cause I’m nosey, and want to know what she can come up with!

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