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This has been sitting on my counter for a couple of weeks. At one point, it was full of big, fat, nasty dill pickles. (I’m not a fan, can you tell?) Now, it’s getting lonely because I think it’s been neglected for a while. No one wants that last pickle.


Could it be that someone took a bite and put it back? I’m highly disturbed by this finding. Which is of course why I’m telling the internet about it. Because who else would I tell? Geeze. You guys think I have a life or something? Well…actually…I sorta do. And I left the claustrophobic confines of my apartment and finally fixed this major issue with Z’s hair. We went to the salon in the BX and the wonderful Toni cut Z’s hair. Little Z was GOING to get hers done, but the booger chickened out at the last minute.

Kids are so fickle. Five minutes before this picture, in the car, she was so excited about getting her hair cut for the wedding. (26 days and counting) Once the booster seat was in the chair, and her butt was on the booster seat, she decided if she didn’t speak, she would disappear.

Then there were tears. Because even though Princess said that haircuts don’t hurt, she was convinced that they do. (Let’s pretend the self haircut never happened…)  I love the little fish all over the cape. Too cute. Had they used a regular black one, I would have walked out, because my baby is not old enough for that.

Zeph has now decided her next hair cut will be with Ms Toni. She’s HER hair cut girl. because at 3 you should find a good stylist. I just hate to tell her that with the life we lead, she’s only got about 3 years left with Ms Toni. (Which is fine. Erica has her hair lady back home. I have a stylist in Indiana. And I’m sure so does everyone else. How do normal people plan vacations? Ours sorta revolve around hair appointments.)

 And if she wants Ms Toni next time, well, her hair turned out fine, and I think I’ll let her go back.




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Wordless Wednesday ~ Rain Rain Go Away!

(She’s asleep)


For more WW go here and here!

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News At 10 ~ Haircut Bandits Strike Again



This is what happened when I went to the bathroom. My children and scissors. This is what their current mugshots look like. And I really want to strangle them.





It could have been worse. I am still not happy. Big Z has never had a hair cut (obviously). She’s in a wedding in a month. She’s going to have a real haircut soon. And Little Z. She still has the baby mullet. And now, we’re going to have to cut her hair in a way to hide the damage that they did.


And just because I don’t want to leave you with the ugly. Here’s some cute ballerinas.


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Grandma, watch your mail!

Big Z just brought me her empty lunch plate, and asked for cookies. I went to get her cookies and saw that *z* had a lot of crackers on her plate. Twice as many as I had given her. I asked *Z* if she had put her crackers on Little Z’s plate. Her response?


“No. I didn’t. A goblin did it.”

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It’s a Picinic!

Yesterday was a “sad” day for us. It was our last family day at the base where The Hubs has been stationed for the last three years. It seems like we’ve been here a lot longer than that, because we moved here when Big Z was a whole two weeks old. (We left Mississippi when she was 5 days old.) I will say that it was one of the more fun family days, because the girls are finally old enough to play, “alone”!

(Yes, I know this picture kinda sucks, but I was using Hubs’ point and shoot cheapo camera, and couldn’t really see what I was doing.) Little Z was happy to be going out to Middle of No Where Air Force Base. It sounded fun to her or something.



Every year they have tons of blow up bouncy stuff for the kids. We recently went to an indoor bounce place, so *Z* was all about the slide. Not even scared to climb to the top.


Bouncy castles are fun! The girls didn’t want to get out, even though we were going to be moving on to yet ANOTHER bouncy thing.


Aren’t these little brats cute? I’m convinced they don’t like each other very much, because it was like pulling teeth to get them to even stand NEAR each other. The hookers.


There was food too. Some semi-acceptable grilled corn and hot dogs.


Now, I’m off to go swimming. Because it’s hot, and I got off work early. I’m going to enjoy my Saturday. You go do the same!

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Everyday, for THREE YEARS!!!

My daughters are so much their father’s children it isn’t funny anymore. They get their stubbornness not from me (shut up!) but from their father. Since the beginning of time their lives, I have had a rule, no babies in the kitchen while I’m cooking. I’d prefer they never go in there, but sometimes I’m too lazy to get my own soda, so we make exceptions.


I cannot stand electric stoves. (Sorry Gram, but they suck!) So, lucky me, we have electric in our apartment. I made some yummy, sodium filled rice with dinner tonight. The kind with the sauce that has to stand and thicken. Well, even if you turn off an electric burner, it stays hot, so I moved the pot to a cool burner. Can you guess what happened next? Yup.


Big Z walked in, and stuck her fingers on the burner, just as the words “DON’T TOUCH THE…” came out of my mouth. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been saying “stay out of the kitchen” since she could crawl. Every freaking day. Positive of that fact. Really now? She forgot since breakfast what the rules are?


Somedays, I hate my kids…

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Uh, What?

The Big Z has a birthday in two and a half months. September. The end of September. There is already talk of her birthday party, because I am one of those parents that like to plan, then change my mind, plan again, and then resort to my original idea. I need at least six months to plan one simple birthday  party.


Recently, while discussing her birthday, *Z* has decided she wants a fashion show party. I’ve been asking everyone what in the world that would be, because I’m clueless. Erica and I took our eldest children to the park tonight, because neither one of us were in any shape to entertain our children where physical activity was called for. I was telling her about the fashion show, and she asked Big Z what that was and if she had ever seen one.


The conversation went like this:

Erica: Hey *Z*, what’s a fashion show party?

*Z*: I don’t know.

Erica: Have you seen something on TV with a fashion show?

Me: Did you watch Project Runway?

*Z*: I chased the rabbit.



So. If you some how speak 3 year old gobblety gook, and understand how in the world “I chased a rabbit” is the answer to “did you watch Project Runway” please tell me. Otherwise, can we figure out what a fashion show party is? I’m about four months behind in my party planning!

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