How Do I Love Thee…Let Me Tell the Internet

I found this in my mailbox yesterday before I went to work. A little beat up, sorta “damp” but still awesome.

When I talked to my dad about sending it, I told him that he was to buy the stuff at the store where I worked with The Hubs. It was on sale. He wasn’t sure how many ears he could get into the box, so he took it with him and just filled it up in the produce section. I told him if he went early, he’d only run into people who know me, and since I worked there for five years, they know him too. In high school and for a couple years later, everyone acted like everything I did was normal. Because I don’t care what people think. Dad laughed because he knew this was true. So he agreed to do it.


My dad is not one to do funny things in public. He’s hilarious when it’s just the family. But remember what my dad looks like?


He doesn’t really look like the type of guy to do crazy things right? Well, after a quarter of a century being related to me, he finally is breaking down and doing stuff that I find “normal” that other people don’t normally do.



Even Katrina who works at the service desk at the store where The Hubs, Brat, and myself used to work at. She left me a message. And I’m sure she decided that my father mailing me a box full of fresh corn was completely normal.



I could almost swear I heard angels singing when I saw this. It was also almost enough to make me faint out of joy. If fainting out of joy is possible.



This? Well this was just icing on the cake, and a little bit orgasmic. And then, I remembered how much I hate shucking corn. Because the hairs? The hairs are a complete and utter pain, and take FOREVER to get out of the corn, or your teeth if you miss a few.



So I made the kids do it. Because I’m the best mom ever. And I sure as heck wasn’t going to be the one to stand over the trash can and peel hair and husk off ears of corn, when I had better things to do. You know, like take pictures of the corn, and read blogs.



Twelve minutes, one stick of butter, and a few grinds of salt and pepper later, this is what I had for dinner. So freakin’ good. And I still have ears to eat. And maybe now, you’ll understand why I say Indiana has the best corn in the world. (And it’s the prettiest. Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas all have beyond ugly corn.)


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  1. 1

    Faerylandmom said,

    I did not know that corn could be ugly. Then again, I’m not the expert…

  2. 2

    Brat said,

    Oh, yes, it can be ugly. Especially if you can tell the difference between feeder corn and sweet corn.

    I must say that the little ‘hairs’ don’t bother me at all. The Boy goes apeshit if he finds just ONE. You people are way too anal.

  3. 3

    carey said,

    hooray! i’m salivating here just looking at it.

  4. 4

    Megan said,

    Even though I just ate, that actually made me hungry again.

    When I told Indiana born mother of mine about your corn, she said she wanted some too.

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