The General Public Generally Makes Me Homicidal

I stopped working retail in April of 2004. I was kinda sorta not really fired for being pregnant with Big Z. Another story for another time, and the story will annoy Brat, so I won’t talk about THAT today. I now remember the number one reason I was a stay at home mom for a few years.


People. I cannot stand the public in general. I do not discriminate. I hate everyone equally. Really I do. It’s the only way to really hate people. I worked in the customer service department of a Super Wallyworld type store for 5 years. It was my first job, and I wish I could say it was my last retail job. I need an office job, that does not involve phones or outside people. Today, I wanted to leave a note for my boss that said:

Dear Manager,

I quit. I can no longer deal with people who don’t understand simple instructions and find the rules do not apply to them. If I do not quit now, I will end up fired for swearing back at the idiots, or worse, in jail for murder.

By the way, the printer is out of paper and you never told me where we keep that particular office supply.

~ Sara

PS- I’ll see you at three.


The three hours I was at work today are not what made me decide on this today. It actually was only one guest. One very cranky PMSing guest. (Said guest was of the male persuasion at that) And it wasn’t that he was swearing at me about company policy. It wasn’t that he was swearing at me because he had to wait ten minutes for service. It wasn’t even that he was SWEARING at me. It was that he found a PRIVACY/SAFETY issue something to fight about. And used having a baby with him as an excuse to be lazy. Unacceptable.


When you arrive to pick up your portraits (which, if they are done at our studio are nothing short of fantastic) we ask that you have the receipt with you. Attached to your receipt is a copy of the prints you ordered. We tell you MORE THAN ONCE that you must have this paper, or a picture ID to obtain your prints. If your name is NOT on the order, and you do not have your hard copy, we MUST MUST call the person whose name IS on the order to get their permission to release your stuff.

We don’t do this to be a pain. We don’t do this because we like to make you remember stuff. We don’t this because we think it’s fun to see if you can not lose the paper over the 7-10 business days it takes for your prints to come back. The point of this exercise is for the good of our clients.


Children are a sensitive matter these days. With all the sickos in the world, I would like to think that parents WANT to be cautious when it comes to their child(ren). I would also like to think that other people would take care not to endanger and/or cause “harm” to my child(ren). We photograph more babies and children than I can count. Our main business is in baby pictures. Some times (if my manager does your shoot, ALWAYS) we take pictures of naked babies. Little tiny newborn baby butt is way too precious not to include in a photo shoot. Did you catch that? Naked pictures of your child. Any bells go off? Has it hit you why we don’t release photos to just anyone?


So. With this info, and I’m telling you there is NO exception to this rule, explain to me the following:


We had a million and a half picture pick ups today. It gets hectic. I had two guests come up at the same time without their copy that we say you MUST have with you. Both produced ID, no problem. The problem came when I got to the second order and found out that the pictures were not in the person’s name, but their better half. When I told the guest I would have to call and get permission, it became the BIGGEST issue ever.


Can we stop getting upset over something designed to PROTECT your children? And is it really that hard to go to your CAR and get the paper that would end the discussion? The excuse you have a baby with you? It’s not raining or snowing. If you leave the store it will not disappear while you are doing it. Therefore, let me do my job, and you get out with your pictures.


In a world where crazy crap is happening every second, isn’t it good to know that someone is looking out for your kids? If this keeps up, I’m going to start randomly handing out pictures to people on the street. Just grab a handful of envelopes and start passing them out. Hope you don’t mind if YOUR kids end up on random internet sites. If you don’t care, why should I?



**Total studio promotion now. Our awesome company is having a one day photo event with a safari theme. If you have one of our studios near you, make an appointment for the 22nd. I’ve seen the background and the props. Too cute for words!**

***If you don’t know who I work for, I can tell you privately in an email. I don’t want to post too much info, as I sorta like my job and don’t want dooced.


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  1. 1

    Holly said,

    ROTFLMAO!!!! Oh my lord. You are SO mean. How DARE you send that poor dude back out to his car. I mean seriously. So not nice of you.

    In other words….dude was a prick and I would of probably had to call security to come help him find his way to the car.

  2. 2

    Erica said,

    Hey, put me down…..10:00 pic time Do It!!!!!

  3. 3

    Megan said,

    Just know: the crap they put you through at work… you are not alone.

  4. 4

    Faerylandmom said,

    What? You don’t get to send angry idiots to a naughty spot? No time-out chair? Well. Maybe they should give you a glove you can use to slap some sense into them.

    At least…I think it’s a good idea. 🙂

  5. 5

    Brat said,

    My niece, Astrid, has something in common with David Letterman.

    They both have ‘naughty chairs’ in their houses.

    When I first heard that phrase… well, I won’t go into all that.

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