If I kill someone…

**This was written last night, but I forgot to hit “publish” so pretend it’s last night. K?**

I have two things to discuss tonight. And I’m going to start with the light hearted one, because the other is a VERY big issue, and it makes me want to get into a fight.


To start, today was a monumental day, and only if you know that my husband is a homebody. He absolutely hates to leave the house. But for the last two days, he has gone with me and the girls swimming. In public! (Our apartment complex pool) To “reward” him for breaking away from his hermit ways for a bit, I made his favorite childhood dessert. Arroz doce. It’s a sweet rice. So simple, and if you die before you have some, you will not have led a fulfilled life.

Here’s the quick recipe.

6 cups milk

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups rice

2 eggs (beaten)

Combine the milk and sugar in a large saucepan. When bubbles start to form around the edge, add rice. Place on medium heat for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Cook for 1 hour without bringing mixture to a boil. Add eggs (tempered of course) Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

(I added a bit of vanilla because I like the taste that way.)


To.die.for. (and GLUTEN FREE!!!!)


Okay. Now. On to why I want to commit murder. I’ll just have to stop taking my Prozac so I can use an insanity defense. I’m sure you’ll believe that it’s worth it.


My oldest cousin, Joy, has a seven year old son. Ray. I love this little boy beyond just a second cousin. I’ve pretty much watched him grow up, and he’s the closest thing to a nephew or niece I’m gonna get for a while. Joy had/has a boyfriend that no one in my family has ever liked since day 2. (We give everyone a 1 day “free” pass where we choose not to judge.) He moved in with her and Ray almost immediately. (It may have been, but I live far away, and people avoid me like the plague.) I kept hearing from my family about what a terrible influence and all this other “we hate this guy” gossip that made it’s rounds. It didn’t help that he was 19, and Joy was 27. Not that age is a big deal. But just out of high school and divorced single mom don’t exactly make for the best relationship. I kept getting phone calls, telling me that when I came home for The Hubs’ deployment, I needed to convince her to kick him out. This boyfriend lost any chance of me approving of him the first time I met him. Joy and I are very close. Mostly because we are opposite and (as Erica told me a few days ago) I say what she is thinking. I can’t keep my mouth closed, and don’t think I should always have to. I took the girls over to play with Ray, and so that Joy and I could catch up. Instead of hanging out and catching up, we sat on the couch and barely talked for two hours. Because the boyfriend was doing that. The second time, we were playing in the backyard, and instead of coming and hanging out with us, he left without a word and went to his mommy’s house. Annoyed me to no end.

And then, we had a family crisis and this boyfriend was a huge help. 

Ray told us that Joy’s former fiance (who used to live with them before the wedding was called off) had molested him two years before. The way that he told was odd, and gave the boyfriend a new chance with us.

Ray and the boyfriend were home one evening, and out of no where, Ray says “I hate (former fiance).” No one had talked about this guy for about two years. With some questioning from the boyfriend, it was discovered that Former Fiance had forced Ray at 5 years old to preform oral sex on him, and other things. When I found out, I first was about to commit murder, along with the other 25 people of my family who lived in the same city (including 86 year old grandma) then I took a minute to process everything, and realized that Ray must trust this boyfriend guy to tell him this. So I told my family to give him another chance. That maybe we’re just being overly judgemental (which is our nature, to protect our own) and he possibly wasn’t that bad.


I still can’t stand the guy. Once he moved in with Joy, she rarely talked to me, and before, we talked for about two hours a week. I knew something was wrong when she called me yesterday. There has been some drama. Last week she called and told me that she had finally kicked the boyfriend out. Lots of things led up to it, but he stole money from her to pay a warrant so he wouldn’t go to jail, and that was the last straw. He then tried to kill himself for the second time in a year. Yesterday, she called because she is at her wits end.


Her ex husband (whom she divorced before The Hubs and I even started dating) AND the ex fiance were calling the boyfriend. Why the ex husband gives a crap anymore is beyond me. He cheated on her, and left her, so really? He should just go away. The ex fiance on the other hand, had a dirty, sneaky, underhanded reason to call. He is trying to convince the boyfriend not to testify at his trial, so that he doesn’t have to go to jail. And, since the boyfriend is an a-hole, he called Joy and told her that if she breaks off their relationship completely, he will not testify.


Honestly, she needs to break this off. It’s been a long year and a half, and she needs to be done. But I have a feeling she won’t, just so the ex can be sent to jail, for what he did, and what we’re fairly certain he’s done to other little boys. (The sons of his now fiance.) Can I ask you, oh my favorite Internet, to pray for Joy and Ray? Or if you don’t pray, whatever it is you do to try and help get a good outcome from situations. We really really need it.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Brat said,

    What a friggin’ mess.


    Ya got my prayers.

  2. 2

    Faerylandmom said,

    Ouch. Of course I will pray…

  3. 3

    Holly said,

    I am so all over this. This is all completely unacceptable. My thoughts and prayers are out there.

    I got your back – I know people who know people and well shit forget them we can handle this ourselves. Lets roll.

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