…Till someone loses an eye!

I got my awesome new glasses like a month and a half ago. I love them, but it sucks wearing them to work. My boss highly recommends contacts for working. I ordered contacts at the same time as my glasses. Because I am beyond blind, they had to be ordered. They pretty much swore that it would take no more than two weeks to get them in. Yeah, that was a lie. A month and a half people!


So, I drop my kids off with Erica for a bit, so I can run in and run out and not have to fight with my kids at the mall. I get called back, and basically, they should only have to check and make sure they are right. I put them in, and the first thing I say is “Wow. This actually hurts. I’ve had them itch before, but pain is a new thing…” The technician says “Oh, no, they don’t hurt, you just aren’t used to them.”


What? I’m 25. I’ve had two kids. I just had mouth “surgery”. I’m fairly sure I know what pain is. Maybe I’m wrong. Or she was an idiot, whatever. They wait for the optometrist to check my eyes, and she notices that I am not remotely seeing like I should. Turns out, the toric thingamajig was not even CLOSE to the right toric thingamajig that I need. Which is why they HURT!


But whatever. I just wasn’t used to them. Grrrr!


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    Brat said,

    So, do you have contacts, or not?

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