I have worked very hard at work the last two days. (Read: I have done basically nothing) So Tiff and I took Erica out for a surprise evening. There was chocolate involved, and lots of talking, because honestly, I don’t think any of us ever shut up. It’s probably why we can be friends with each other. We don’t notice this in each other, until we point it out in ourselves. (The Hubs called toward the end because he wanted to make sure I was still coming home!)


Ever the photographer, I had to take out the camera a couple of times. This is what we ate. And Erica picked, and I would so trust her with my life based on her choice of fondue alone!



This would be milk chocolate, with caramel and pecans. It’s called the “Flaming Turtle”. I would have had a better shot, and I hope you will pretend that there isn’t a giant streak of chocolate down the side of the pot, but really? Do you see this? It tasted 1000x better than it looks. Honest. I would never lie to the three of you!


Accompanying this beautiful pot of ambrosial delight were plates full of yum to dip into it. They looked like this. (Yes there was more. No, I will not say if we did or did not inhale the missing ones the minute the waiter walked away from the table.)




And what do the three most beautiful mommies formally and presently of our local Air Force base look like when they go out to dessert on a Tuesday, simply because they can?



Just so you know, we were totally whistled at as we drove down the street. I’m just sayin’.


And then. There’s that saying that says “You live for the nights you won’t remember with people you’ll never forget” or something like that… (And this was also the night that Sara learned that the flash goes off at a weird interval on her camera. It’s a good thing I’m a stripper and not a professional photographer…)



4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Holly said,

    *gasp* How how how how………

    I can’t even speak…

    how COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. 2

    Faerylandmom said,

    I still can’t stop laughing!

  3. 3

    Brat said,

    Now I’m all hungry.

  4. 4

    StacyRenee said,

    GIRL you are in so much TROUBLE !!!! WITHOUT ME!!!!!!! Well to make myself feel better I guess I’ll just have to go shopping at shoe show 😦 and buy something cute 😦 that will fit both of us 😦
    I’m really glad you had fun though. You so deserve a great night out. 🙂

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