Zoo-be Zoo-be Zoooo!

Our Zoo is doing a Quarters for Conservation. You get a slug that represents a quarter and you put it in the slot for the animal you want to help save. I don’t know why this picture turned out so bad, but it’s the only one I got of *Z*. She chose to save the native butterflies of our state.

*z* decided to help save the orangutans. Monkeys have to look out for their own kind you know!

 The first stop on our zoo tour, was the giraffes. Where you feed them. This was the first time that *z* was old enough to really enjoy the zoo. Last time we went, she wasn’t walking yet. That couldn’t have been fun. It also explains why most of my pictures are of her. Not because I didn’t take any pictures of *Z*, but *z* was just more into it than her sister.

In the elevator. Yes. Our outdoor zoo has elevators. Because the whole thing is up the side of a mountain. We have the coolest zoo ever. It’s not big, but it’s pretty awesome. I mean, where else do you get to do things like…

Pet a seven month old wallaby? It was softer than a baby kitten. And sooo stinkin’ cute. I want one. Except, as they get bigger, they would get annoying. There was one older one who was “running” laps up and down the path. Their exhibit isn’t really a cage. They have little roped off areas, but they can get out. It was cute.

Next up were the alligators. Which Big Z told me a while ago she was afraid of. Them and crocodiles. But they both found them pretty funny. A big one SAT on a little one, and Big Z said that he should move because it’s rude to sit on people. While I tried to get a picture of the lot of alligators, my camera decided to do a “trick” that i’ve been trying to get it to do for a while, and never successfully. So I got this…

Close up on the fence, blurry gators. Grrrr! I hate when my camera tries to make me feel stupid.

Next up was the bird exhibit. Which was a room that I’ve only every seen in my nightmares. Full of birds, who were in no way shape or form restrained. Little Z LOVED it. She’s probably going to be a bird person. In this exhibit you get to feed the birds too. That was pretty neat, even my “I hate birds” brain thought so.


This was taken at the observation window of our favorite exhibit. Anyone wanna guess what they are looking at? (No fair if you’ve been to this particular zoo and recognize the window!)



Okay. It was this.


Okay. I’m off to accomplish something today. I don’t know what yet!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Holly said,

    OMG I see something in your pictures that I didn’t think ANY zoo had in stock. It’s a ….

    ready for it….

    wait a sec….

    you’ll like this one…a….a…

    PAULO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Wherever did this zoo find such a creature. I sure hope you washed your hands after that.

  2. 2

    Brat said,

    Wow! That looks like fun!

  3. 3

    Erica said,

    SO, I have yet to go to the bird exhibit…and I must next time…looks cool

  4. 4

    Brat said,

    As I re-read this post, this leapt out at me: “And sooo stinkin’ cute. I want one. Except, as they get bigger, they would get annoying.”

    Sounds like you may be talking about BABIES.

    Sem ting.

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