Hey Erica! I Have Corndogs!

Anyone else have food that they love, that they know other people would gag at the thought of? Brat has been after me to try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. We may have found the one thing that breaks my rule of “I’ll try anything once.” My dad likes to put Western salad dressing on his cottage cheese. I put a lot of things into my cottage cheese. Pineapple, tomatoes, potato chips, all kinds of stuff. Salad dressing, not so much on my list.


Can I tell you what mine is? I have two that are beyond ambrosial in my mind, and to my taste buds, but I’m sure all three of you, my darling readers. Ketchaise and Cheesy Ketchup. Now. Before you get all freaked out and wonder what is wrong with me, these were accidental discoveries on my part. I did not just get the “ideas” for this stuff and then try it out.


Ketchaise is Ketchup (or catsup, depending on, oh who am I kidding? I don’t know why there are two different, same named condiments) mixed with mayo. It is the perfect dip, other than Frostys for french fries. I have been eating this for years, and now keep a container of it premixed in my fridge. (Someone tell TamTam to stay out of the fridge when she comes to visit. She’ll stroke out in my kitchen. Fo’ real.) We discovered this probably six years ago when my friend ‘Nise dropped some mayo in her ketchup.


Cheesy Ketchup, I honestly don’t know what started this, but it’s restaurant specific, so you might not be able to try it. If you can’t, you can’t say it’s gross. Steak ‘n Shake. Get cheesy fries to go, so that they put the cheese in a cup. Dump in a couple packages of ketchup, and dip their tiny, diminutive, really small french fries in it. It’s bliss. (College y’all. College.)


Any of you guys have something or things like this? I wanna know. If I try what you suggest, I’ll let you know!


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  1. 1

    Brat said,

    I’m telling ya, just TRY the peanut butter and pickles!

    You can use dill or sweet. No matter. Just make sure they are crunchy and delicious pickles!

  2. 2

    Faerylandmom said,

    Your “ketchaise” is a very common staple condiment in Oregon. We call it “goop”. And it is divine. Deeeeeevine.

    PB & Pickles sounds do-able to me.

    Here’s another one for you: BLT with PB. Yes, I mean a “bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich with Peanut Butter.” It’s pretty tasty. Levi got me to try it, and though I was skeptical, I’m now a believer, and we have it this way almost every time.

  3. 3

    StacyRenee said,

    I have actually tried the pickle and pb sand. The kindergarten class wouldn’t try then unless I did and I HATE pickles which of course made them laugh and want me to try it even more. I actually LOVED this sand. and I think you will too. Be brave woman be brave!!

  4. 4

    Holly said,

    Mayo and Ketchup (Catsup – seriously what is the difference?) is very common in Europe. I have used ti for years and I LOVE dipping my nice crispie tiny fries in it. YUM! Now I’m hungry. Damn you.

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