Grandma’s Gonna Kill Us

The Hubs and I have never been ones to plan anything. We are a very spontaneous bunch, us Long Last Namers. The only things I believe we’ve planned since getting married have been our trips back home to see family. And then just because we’re too nice to just drop in and say “WE’RE HERE!!!!!” Heck, our children weren’t planned, just discussed. Like, hey, I’m kinda horny, and oh, well we might have a kid. That’s just how we roll.

Today was no different. The Hubs has been wearing the same pair of khaki shorts since he was born. I’m really really tired of them. They just aren’t cute anymore. (He kinda looks like a hobo in them really.) Off to the mall we go for a small closet make over. He IS in the military, so it’s not like he needs a huge wardrobe. ABUs and BDUs take up half of his walk in closet. (Totally worse than a girl. But not as bad as his best friend. That dude has a closet full of junk!) Of course, because the Hubs is a nerd, I have to dress him. I’ve gotten really good at saying things like “I really like this. It would look great on you. What do you think?” and then he THINKS it’s up to him, when really, I keep the receipts, he can’t buy anything stupid. Two pair of shorts and a few polo shirts later, we go in search of “real sandals”. I’m still not sure what the heck he is talking about, but we’ll see if he finds them.

It just so happened, on the way to one of the shoe stores, we passed an Icing store. The same store that *Z* got her ears pierced at. So guess what happened? Yup. The baby got hers done. She actually was cool with it. We are procrastinating parents, and should have done it right after her six week shots, but hey, where’s the torture in that? For us, not her. She did way better than big sister. Didn’t scream at all. Crying, oh, she got that one down. The biggest crocodile tears I think I’ve ever seen. She even said “booful earrings” through the tears when they held up the mirror. The sucker the ear piercer gave her helped at lot, too, I’m sure. And after a quick stop to look at the puppies, we headed home. With the obligatory “my-parents-just-tried-to-kill-me” ice cream treat.

About the ice cream. (You know I can’t NOT tell you about the ice cream!) How is it that the two year old got the best combo, even when she picked it out herself? *Z* got double chocolate with M&Ms mixed in, and it tasted like a chocolate heart attack. I never thought I would say this, but it was way too chocolatey. I got a banana’s foster concoction, with was great, and the Hubs got something with cherries. But *z*? She went in for the kill. Cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in. OH.MY.GOODNESS. That was so yummy. Secretly, I’m hoping I can finish her left overs while she naps tomorrow. I think that makes me a bad mom. But I promise to replace it. If I remember…


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    Faerylandmom said,

    She won’t remember. And if she does, tell her that ice cream elves live in the freezer and eat all the ice cream leftovers. 😀

    (Or would that be evil???)

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