Gluten, Shmloten, Whatever!

Monday is the day. The day my doctor (whomever it might be) tells me that I can no longer eat anything. I shouldn’t say that. I can eat some things. Like veggies. And fruit. And meat. Basically, the Atkins diet. Which I’ve always been too stupid to figure out.

I have spent the last week avoiding gluten like the plague. And I have felt WONDERFUL. Healthy. And if it wasn’t for the sunburn, I bet I would be beyond wonderful. (The sunburn isn’t so bad, because I know Erica has a cute little patch of garden and her yard looks better for it!)

However!!! Since I know Monday is the day I have been dreaded for a little over a month, I am eating all the gluten and glutenous things I can possible shove into my gob for the next four days. Because I’m 25, and the thought of the rest of my life without flavor! and real BREAD! makes me sad. Very very sad. Although, my dear friend Julie told me the best donuts she’s ever had were made with potato flour. I am all about donuts that will be “safe” for me to eat. I’ll fly those things in weekly if I have to!

I just ate a cinnamon roll. A gooey, yummy, warm, delicious cinnamon roll. And now I wait, because in a few hours, I will feel like I want to die.


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    sleepknitting said,

    I’m a 29 year old Coeliac disgnosed nearly a year ago. When I first got my diagnosis I thought it was the end of enjoying food, all I could think of was all the things I love that I couldn’t have, but it does get easier. At first it takes ages to do your shopping and you have to read every label but you soon get used to what you can have. I still forget sometimes and go to grab a sandwich or chocolate bar and then have to stop myself! You have to get into baking again and making your own cakes and treats. Its not ideal and at times it feels very unfair…. but it makes the world of difference to your health and that alone has got to be worth it!
    If you do get a Coeliac diagnosis make sure you ask for a bone density (DEXA) scan, I found I have Osteopenia due to years of undiagnosed Coleic disease.

  2. 2

    Brat said,

    You’ll make it through this, Sweetie. Trust me. And there’s worser things you could have!

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    […] 19, 2008 · Filed under 1 The celiac diagnosis is still up for debate. I’m really really tired of waiting. So I’ve opted to take […]

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